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Godrej & Boyce Collaborates with Tecnimont for IOCL Project

Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, announces that its business Godrej Process Equipment, a leader in manufacturing custom-built process equipment, has delivered its heaviest equipment – xylene column from its state-of-the-art facility in Dahej, Gujarat.


The equipment weighing 1000 MT is made for Tecnimont for Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)’s integrated paraxylene-purified terephthalic acid (PX-PTA) project at Paradip refinery in Odisha. The xylene column will help in processing the feedstock thus producing liquids and vapours. This column will be a crucial element in the process and this plant would be a ready source of feedstock for a 300-KTA textile yarn manufacturing project.


India’s annual petrochemical consumption is expected to triple to 80 million tonnes by 2040 raising investment into building new facilities. This will reduce dependency on imports of the same.


Further, advancements in the petrochemical industry, have opened the door to several upcoming and ongoing large-scale projects. Such projects with stringent processes require critical equipment and Godrej Process Equipment with its capabilities can manufacture and deliver such equipment.


The new PX-PTA project specifically complements IOC’s current petrochemical-related initiatives at Paradip, assisting the government of Odisha in its ambition to establish petroleum, chemicals, and petrochemical investment region (PCPIR).


This would propel the level of the petrochemical industry in India to global standards. This would further help in attracting sizable investments and create significant economic benefits and employment opportunities in Odisha.


This oversized consignment weighing 1000 MT was manufactured by Godrej Process Equipment with a shell diameter of more than 8 m and 75 m long. The equipment has been successfully developed, built, and tested at its state-of-the-art, coastal manufacturing facility located in Dahej, Gujarat and is being dispatched through its self-owned Sea-going jetty, which is capable in the handling of large, oversized consignments.


Stephen Murugaiah, VP, projects, Tecnimont, said, “In collaboration with Godrej Process Equipment, we started this project 20-months ago. As the equipment travelled from Godrej’s private jetty circling from the West to the East coast via Sri Lanka, it celebrated a proud moment for every Indian witnessing such a phenomenon.


Hussain Shariyarr, senior VP & business head, Godrej Process Equipment, said, “We are thrilled to hand over the xylene column, the heaviest equipment we have made. This delivery is a significant achievement for us since it demonstrates our enhanced ability to manufacture and ship an oversized consignment successfully from our advanced facility in Dahej.


Due to several refineries and petrochemical projects in the Eastern and Southwestern parts of India, we have identified enormous business potential in the regions owing to the existing plants as well as the forthcoming expansion projects. We look to grow our business and double our revenue by FY25.”


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