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Iraq Approves $3bn Power Plant in Dhi Qar

OPEC member Iraq has approved the construction of a new power plant at a cost of around $3 billion, the local media said.


Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Al-Sudani endorsed the project in the Southern Dhi Qar Governorate with a generation capacity of 3,000 megawatts (MW), the press said, quoting Dhi Qar’s Governor Mohammed Hadi.


Hadi said the project is the Governorate’s largest and is designed to tackle a persistent power shortage.


“We obtained approval for the project from all concerned authorities...we then submitted a request to the Prime Minister, who approved the project,” he said.


The project will boost Dhi Qar’s electricity output from 850 MW to 3,950 MW and will “provide a final solution to the Governorate’s power crisis,” Hadi added.


Iraq has awarded several conventional power and renewable energy projects over the past months within a post-war plan to tackle electricity shortages and reduce reliance on imported energy from nearby Iran. It has also signed power connection agreements with neighboring Jordan and Gulf countries.


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