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Sabic AN Secures Exclusive Deal for Ammonia Production Technology

Sabic AN (SABIC Agri-Nutrients) and Atmonia, announce an exclusivity agreement providing Sabic AN full exclusivity for ammonia production using Atmonia’s technology within Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Oman. Atmonia is an Icelandic company developing a sustainable production process for ammonia production.


Munif Al Munif, General Manager T&I at Sabic AN commented "This agreement demonstrates Sabic AN´s confidence in Atmonia’s ability to reach its development goals and launch the product. Sabic AN is fully committed towards the climate change challenge by production of sustainable fertilizer in the future, but today 1-2 per cent of the global anthropogenic carbon emissions are from ammonia production.


“Sustainably produced ammonia represents a promising carbon free energy carrier, or eFuel, with the potential to avoid up to additional 3 per cent of anthropogenic emissions due to shipping emissions. Application of ammonia in aviation and for electrical grids are receiving increasing attention and interest. Application of sustainable ammonia as fertilizer and fuel are key steps to achieve a carbon neutral future," he continued.


Guðbjörg Rist, CEO of Atmonia elaborated said: "In addressing this issue, we are developing catalysts for nitrogen electrolyzers, that will enable production of ammonia in a single-step process, using only water, nitrogen from air, and clean electricity. The capital cost for that infrastructure is very low compared to current technology, allowing for low ammonia production costs, provided low prices of sustainable electricity (e.g. from fit-to-purpose solar farms).”


“The production process we are developing occurs at ambient temperature and pressure enabling intermittent operations, which are suitable for intermittent renewable power sources such as solar and wind and distributed production further lowering the cost and the emissions. Atmonia has recently made significant forward strides in its development and the sale of exclusivity for production with our technology to Sabic AN provides important capital to further facilitate the development," Rist added.


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