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Qatar Makes Many Initiatives in ESG Aspects

Governments and private sector entities are feeling the pressure to give due importance to the environmental, social, and governance aspects.


In the US, President's climate plan calls for USD 2 trillion of investment into low-carbon activities, while the European Union's (EU) Green Deal aims to pump USD 7 trillion of investment into low-carbon.


Under ESG reporting many initiatives have been undertaken by Qatar such as the launch of ESG guidance by QSE and its initiatives to be ESG compliant Qatar Sustainability Platform to monitor ESG reporting by publicly listed entities in Qatar, the launch of MSCI QSE 20 ESG Index, the opening of Data Portal by TASMU to make the environmental and social data publicly available


A number of organizations, including Ooredoo, QNB, and Nakilat, report ESG performance, the report states.


Qatar is playing an active role in transforming its building standards towards higher sustainability levels by adopting the Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) standards.


GSAS is a performance-based rating system developed for assessing and rating buildings and infrastructure for their sustainability impacts. The number of projects registered for GSAS certifications has been rapidly increasing thereby facilitating the transition towards green buildings.


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