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Iraq Announces Investment Opportunities in Refineries

Iraq's Minister of Oil has announced upcoming investment opportunities in the refining industry.


Minister Hayan Abdul-Ghani said the plans include increasing refining capacities as follows:

Al-Amarah refinery (150,000 barrels per day); Al-Muthanna refinery (100,000 barrels per day); Kirkuk refinery (100,000 barrels per day); Qayyarah refinery (70,000 barrels per day), and, a new unit with a capacity of (70,000 barrels per day) at the Dhi Qar refinery.


The Ministry also plans to establish a new refinery in Dhi Qar governorate with a capacity of 150,000 barrels per day, and continues to add production units to refineries in the south, center, and north. It has previously announced the addition of a new production unit at the Diwaniyah refinery (70, 000 barrels per day) and the imminent start of production at the Karbala oil refinery (140,000 barrels per day).


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