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Qatar Commercial Surplus Reaches QR 36.3bn in Sep; Registers 90% Increase in 1 Yr

Qatar's trade balance, which represents the difference between total exports and imports, showed a surplus of QR 36.3 billion in September 2022, an increase of about QR 17.2 billion or 89.9% compared to September 2021, and an increase of nearly QR 0.1 billion or 0.1 percent compared to August 2022.


The Authority for Planning and Statistics released preliminary data on the value of exports, re-exports and imports of domestic goods for September 2022. Total exports of goods (including exports of goods of domestic origin and re-exports) amounted to approximately QR 47.6 billion, an increase of 70.6% compared to September 2021 and 1.7% compared to in August 2022, on the other hand, imports of goods in September 2022 amounted to about QR 3 billion, showing a 28.6% increase compared to September 2021 and a 7% increase compared to August 2022.


The year-over-year increase (September 2022 vs September 2021) in total exports is mainly due to higher exports of petroleum gas and other gaseous hydrocarbons (LNG, condensates, propane, butane, etc.) which reached QR 35.4 billion (approximately) in September 2022, or an increase of 104.2%, Petroleum oils and mineral oils bituminous (crude) oils reaching nearly QR 4.8 billion, an increase of 34.3%, and an increase in Petroleum oils and bituminous (non-crude) mineral oils reaching QR 3.1 billion 13.8%.


Qatar's main import country with around QR 1.64 billion, a 14.5% share of imports, followed by the United States of America with almost QR 1.63 billion, a 14.4% share, and Turkey with QR 0.9 billion, an 8.1% share.


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