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Waaree Energies Delivers 445MW of Bifacial Modules for Solar Project

Waaree Energies Limited, an Indian manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules, has announced the delivery of 445 MW of 540/545 Wp bifacial modules for solar projects in Bikaner, Rajasthan.


The contract, scheduled to run from May to August 2024, marks a milestone in Waaree Energies’ contribution to India’s energy transformation, meeting growing electricity demand and supporting national carbon neutrality targets. The project, in partnership with Statkraft India, aims to boost the region’s renewable energy production capacity and reduce carbon emissions.


Hitesh Doshi, Chairman and CEO of Waaree Energies, said, “This partnership with Statkraft India represents a crucial step in our joint mission to contribute to India’s energy transformation. By harnessing solar energy and our technology, we are not only lighting up homes, but also contributing to economic growth and job creation in the region.”


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