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India to Invest $67bn in 5-6 Years for Developing Gas Sector

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said India will witness a USD 67 billion investment in the natural gas supply chain in 5-6 years as part of "unprecedented" investments flowing into the energy sector to meet the needs of the world's fastest growing major economy.


Speaking at the second edition of the India Energy Week here, he said reforms by his government are leading to a rise in domestic natural gas production as part of the wider aim to increase the share of the fuel in the energy basket to 15 per cent by 2030 from current 6.3 per cent.


Natural gas is seen as a transition fuel in India's march towards net zero carbon emission by 2070. Gas, which is used to generate electricity, make fertilizer or turn into CNG for running automobiles as well as for cooking, is considered less polluting fuel than other fossil fuels such as coal.


Modi said India's world-beating economic growth rate is fueling a surge in energy needs.


"India is the world's third largest energy, oil and LPG consumer. It is the fourth largest LNG importer and refiner as well as the fourth largest automobile market," he said, adding the nation's energy demand is estimated to double by 2045.


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