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IOEC Drafts Iran-Oman Gas Pipeline Project Desk Study

Date : Mar 30, 2016

The Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company (IOEC) has completed drafting desk study of the Iran-Oman gas pipeline and started producing basic engineering documents related to the land part of the project.


The company announced that it held KOM meetings with contractors and reviewed their technical proposals on survey operations to finalize the route for laying the pipeline.


In 2013, Iran and Oman agreed to construct the pipeline which for 15 years will pump 28 million cubic meters of gas across Persian Gulf to the Omani port. The project includes laying the 400-kilometer land and gas pipeline from Iran to Oman.


According to initial available data, the land part of the pipeline extends for 200 kilometers from Rudan to Mobarak Mount in southern Hormozgan Province. The seabed section between Iran and Sohar Port in Oman will stretch for another 200 kilometers.


Last September, after bilateral negotiations in Tehran, it was announced that the project will be operational by end of 2017.