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Iraq Will Need Iranian Gas for Power-Generation Plants

Date : Jul 24, 2017

Over the next seven years, Iraq will need Iranian natural gas supplies to feed its power-generation plants, because domestic gas output will not be enough, Iraq’s Minister of Electricity, Qasim Al-Fahdawi said.


According to Iraqi source, Al-Fahdawi said, “New stations are entering into service soon, hence the country needs for gas imports.”


Natural gas output from Iraq’s southern fields in the Basra province will not be enough to meet the demand for powering electricity generation, said the minister.


However, Iraq’s need for gas imports could lessen in the future, after planned fields for producing non-associated gas come on stream, such as Siba, Mansouriya, and Western Anbar, the Iraqi minister said.


Iran began exporting natural gas to neighboring Iraq in June. Export of gas started with a volume of  7 million cubic meters/day and will reach 35 MMcm/d gradually.


The gas will be supplied under two contracts—one for exports to Baghdad power plants, and the other to Basra.