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Adnoc to Build $204mn Jet Fuel Depot at Abu Dhabi Airport

Date : Apr 18, 2017

Adnoc Distribution is investing Dh750 million ($204 million) in a fuel depot located at the new Midfield Terminal of Abu Dhabi International Airport, according to Saeed Mubarak Al Rashdi, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Adnoc Distribution.


Al Rashdi said, "Adnoc Distribution produces 14 million tonnes of jet fuel in order to meet an expected significant increase in demand from Etihad Airways and its associated airlines.


Adnoc Distribution, part of the Adnoc Group of Companies, was established in 1973 as the first UAE government-owned company specialising in the national and international marketing and distribution of petroleum products.


"Adnoc Distribution achieved an 18% growth in its aviation business in 2014-2015 and is continuing to maintain a steady rate of expansion," he said, adding that the company’s Aviation Operation Division, AVOD, recently celebrated 35 years of success in providing high-quality commercial and military fuel distribution services for local and international clients.


"Since 1982, AVOD has been meeting the needs of more than 200 regional and international customers in civil and military sectors, with high standard products and services distributed through state-of-the-art fuelling facilities, with health, safety, and the environment, HSE, remaining at the core of our entire range of operations," he noted.


AVOD can call on a fleet of aircraft refuelling vehicles that range in capacity from 5,000 litres to 65,000 litres. These refuellers and hydrant dispensers, which incorporate the latest electronic metering equipment and safety systems, can pump up to 3,800 cubic metres per hour.


Al Rashdi explained, "In terms of fuel supply, airlines count on reliability and flexibility and are increasingly seeking contractual obligations in order to secure this. We also have a competitive advantage in Abu Dhabi in that we have a reliable source of supply through our connection to Takreer as a production hub, which enables us to produce almost 14m tonnes of jet fuel annually."


The process and systems used by AVOD are designed and operated in line with international guidelines set by the Joint Inspection Group (JIG), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and other leading international institutions.


"Our objective is to raise and maintain optimum service standards within the UAE. We tirelessly seek to ensure that the UAE remains well-positioned to attract consumers and able to offer high-value products and services," Al Rashdi added.


Adnoc Distribution’s success has been built on its comprehensive range of services. Its aviation division now has more than 600 professionals working across 25 locations supplying both commercial and military products according to the highest safety standards.


As part of its mission to grow a capable national workforce, the number of UAE Emirati employees in AVOD has reached 67 percent of the division’s total workforce.


As AVOD moves forward, it will be integrating the latest technologies into its core business. Last year also saw the UAE’s aviation industry benefiting from significant investment exceeding Dh1.5 billion towards expansion and enhancement of service stations and fuel depots, according to Adnoc Distribution sources.


"Maintaining steady growth based on reliability and innovation has been made possible by enabling our highly professional team to maximise their potential as our business has expanded. We have also gained an eminent reputation for delivering and excellent, client-focused service. These crucial attributes have enabled us to take a leading role in the industry," he concluded.