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MCI Water Equipment Technologies Bags Mideast Contract

MCI Water Equipment Technologies (MCI Wet), a leading US industrial group, said it has been awarded a contract to deploy 50 containerised seawater reverse osmosis systems in the Middle East.


These systems have been designed to handle varying feed water quality to different sites, said a statement from MCI Wet.


Countries around the world are dealing with population expansion. Land development puts a great strain on government resources and infrastructure to provide the basic needs to their citizens.


Often, municipal infrastructure services will not reach underdeveloped areas for years, it stated.


Engineers at MCI Water Equipment Technologies developed seawater reverse osmosis systems that incorporate floating feed pumps and ultrafiltration membranes. Each system will be able to produce 300,000 GPD (1,136 cu m/day) of high-quality water.


On the big win, Middle East Manager Raafat Ali said: "MCI Wet's multi-disciplined work force and 240,000-sq-ft state-of-the-art manufacturing facility can design and engineer projects with specialised equipment requiring complex customization."


MCI Water Equipment Technologies is setting revolutionary benchmarks for others to follow, stated Ali, adding that each system will be packaged inside a customized container that is designed and built in house.


"The air-conditioned containers are fitted with the latest technology and construction materials. The advanced features will achieve the highest efficiency and operational needs of each system," he noted.


According to him, MCI WET Engineers were able to overcome many challenges to provide advanced seawater reverse osmosis systems suited for communities all over the globe.


"Our factory in Dallas, provides one of the most modern fabrication facilities in the industry today. MCI Water Equipment Technologies has the capability to produce and deliver 50 containers, and ancillary equipment in a timeframe unmatched by any other company," he noted.


Our experience with large-scale projects allows MCI Water Equipment Technologies to execute this project at a record pace," he added.


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