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Grundfos Deploys Digital Water Solutions at Oman Project

Muscat’s ground-breaking $3.5 billion The Wave waterfront community has become the first project of its kind in Oman to benefit from innovative digital water solutions developed by world-leading pump specialist Grundfos.


Grundfos Remote Management (GRM) is a secure, cloud-enabled system for monitoring and management of pump installations in commercial buildings, water supply networks, wastewater plants and more.


It empowers users to remotely optimise their water systems by accessing reliable performance data and analysis.


The GRM system gives Al Mouj engineers a complete status overview of the entire pumping system, providing real-time monitoring and analysis and enabling them to adjust and plan maintenance schedules from the comfort of their office, said a statement from Grundfos.


The project brings together high-efficiency Grundfos submersible pumps with intelligent controllers and GRM to control the pumps bringing water into the creek and lakes that provide the central infrastructure for the new Marina and other leisure activities.


The pumping installation was designed by Grundfos specialists, working closely with infrastructure engineers Parsons and Mohammed Galwash, who led the Al Mouj developers’ team.


TM Sanath, Project Engineer for Parsons, said: “The size and complexity of the massive 270-hectare waterfront site, which has been plagued in the past by water drainage issues, demanded a new approach.”


“They will immediately be alerted to changes and trends, so will be able to constantly optimise pump performance and minimise energy usage. It is an innovative solution with major financial and environmental benefits for Al Mouj, and the local community”, said Oman Pumps team leader Kapil Deo.


“By linking cloud-based Grundfos Remote Management technology with the latest digital pumps and controls, we have not only created a highly sustainable solution for Al Mouj, but a template for similar developments throughout the Middle East”, remarked Aaron Fernandes of the Grundfos team.


Fernandes said the benefits of digitisation go far deeper than simply improving control and efficiency and cutting energy usage.


"Forward-looking companies, like Al Mouj, are already reporting that digitised solutions are helping them to stay afloat during the current Covid-19 pandemic, reducing manpower and operating costs, and providing a critically important boost when revenues are under serious pressure," he added.


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