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Mazoon Electricity Co Adopts 'Well-Structured Maintenance Strategy'

Date : Sep 15, 2020

Mazoon Electricity Company, the leading power services provider in Oman, said its well-structured maintenance strategy has been helping the firm to accomplish optimum performance across its electrical distribution network in the country.


The company is primarily undertaking regulated distribution and supply of electricity in Dakiliya, South Sharqiya, North Sharqiya, South Batinah governorates and Suwaiq in North Batinah governorate of Oman.


Mazoon’s maintenance strategy focusses on varying aspects including human and safety, service continuity and stability, power infrastructure augmentation, equipment protection, energy efficiency among others, according to a statement from the company.


Its maintenance management system for primary stations is managed through Enterprise Asset Management system (EAM) which is supported by computerized maintenance management system.


Moreover, the rest of the network asset maintenance management will be covered in the system in the next three years, it stated.


The company’s maintenance team enhanced the network reliability by applying new condition monitoring technology such as thermal scanning, partial discharge, and DGA to assess the asset condition. Using these techniques, the team manages to repair assets before it causes network outages.


Mazoon Electricity had adopted condition based risk management system (CBRM) for power transformers and high voltage switchgears to assess the health index of those assets in order to prioritise the maintenance and future investments.


Recent results of the CBRM module shows that most of the power transformers and switchgears are in good condition. Plans are on to add more to the module to have robust outputs of the CBRM in the future, said the statement.


According to Mazoon, the scope of maintenance work at the company includes replacements of defective equipment, identifying and rectifying faults to short circuits, replacement of defective LT insulators, replacement of old and defective energy meters and installation of smart meters, carry out load shedding programmes, carry out line patrolling of the 33KV, 11KV and LT lines.


Besides, the maintenance team’s role comprises asset security inspection, testing of new/existing assets for grid/primary substations, cleaning services of grid stations, transport materials to be utilized by the contractors for any emergency work from company stores to the respective districts and other works.


"Mazoon Electricity understands that maintenance is an important component for operation, supply and customer service," said a company spokesman.


"As part of operations service, maintenance management helps the company maintain its resources while controlling time and costs to ensure maximum efficiency of the electricity network," he explained.


"Mazoon Electricity’s maintenance team plays a major role in keeping the supply chain from crumbling down. By having a close working relations and clear communication with all parties, the team helps identify maintenance problems more quickly, keeping labour and material costs lower," he added.


According to him, a high standard maintenance strategy is being implemented at all Mazoon Electricity’s distribution network including grid substation, primary substation, and 33KV and 11KV network and distribution substations.


The maintenance management practices currently being implemented, is supported by condition monitoring and visual inspection, he added.