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UAE Plans Multiple Water Delivery Projects in 2020

The UAE's Federal Hydropower Authority (Fewa) plans to bid for multiple water transmission projects in 2020 as part of its investment plan for a public utility project in the northern emirate of the UAE worth 2.87 billion dirhams (approximately US$780 million). Currently, 35 projects are under the plan.


According to a report earlier in 2020, seven of these projects will be completed in 2020. These projects include: Two 1800s connecting the Umm Qaiwan New Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Plant and the Khuraijah Water Distribution Center in Ras Al Khaimah Millimeter water pipeline project (amount of 400 million dirhams), a 1200mm water pipeline expansion project (amount of 130 million dirhams) from the Umm Qawan new desalination plant to the water distribution center of the emirate. The billion-gallon Ras Al Khaimah Khuraijah water distribution center vertical and cylindrical drinking water storage tank project, a 1200 mm water pipeline project extending from the Khuraijah water distribution center to the proposed new water distribution center in Al-Hilu area of Ajman (Amount of 160 million dirhams) and so on. It is understood that the Federal Water and Power Agency plans to implement the remaining projects in the plan in the next few years.


The announcement of these projects predated the reorganization of the UAE cabinet government in July. After the reorganization, the Federal Water and Electricity Authority, together with the Emirates Post Group, the UAE Integrated Transportation Corporation and the UAE Real Estate Corporation, are subordinate to the UAE Investment Authority. The source said that after the reorganization, the structure, operations or projects of the Federal Water and Power Administration will not change.


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