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Sharjah Increases Water Sampling to 3,000 this Year

The Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (Sewa) has announced that the number of water samples examined in the laboratory of water desalination plants across the emirate has increased to 3,000 in the first four months of 2020.


In the previous year, Sewa had examined 8,420 water samples, intending to provide high-quality drinking water, in line with the standards of the World Health Organisation.


Chairman Engineer Dr. Rashid Al Leem highlighted the fact that the Authority harnessed its technical and operational capabilities to provide high-quality drinking water.


He stated that the laboratory of water desalination plants is one of Sewa’s technical laboratories, which include seven technical laboratories to monitor and maintain water quality from the beginning of desalination until it reaches the public through a network of more than 3,500km.


Besides, the laboratories are equipped with the latest equipment and human cadres qualified to follow up on the water examination and to make sure of the quality and freshness of the water in all regions of the emirate around the clock.


Al Leem also emphasised that Sewa used all the capabilities necessary to provide the best services at global levels for the citizens and residents of the emirate, and applied the latest global technical specifications in the production and distribution of water.


It relies on a digital network, as well as a simulation and modelling programme for the network, reaching the best international standards and specifications, he added.


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