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India’s Rooftop Solar Energy Capacity Stands at 1,922 MW

Date : Mar 30, 2020

The country's rooftop solar energy capacity stands at 1,922 MW and so far over Rs 1,874.39 crore has been released as central financial assistance towards installation of capacities in the sector.


Till 13 March 2020, rooftop solar power plants of an aggregate capacity of 1,922 MW have been installed in the country, of which 346 MW have been installed in the residential sector.


As of 12 March 2020, an amount of approximately Rs 1,874.39 crore has been released to various implementing agencies, such as state nodal agencies, the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI), power distributing companies (DISCOMs), public sector undertakings (PSUs), government departments, etc under the Rooftop Solar Programme as central financial assistance (CFA)/incentives inclusive of CFA towards the residential sector.


To increase installation of residential solar rooftop systems, the government is taking various measures, including incentives for the DISCOMs for achievement of additional capacity, assisting states in development of online portal and aggregation of demand related to rooftop solar projects.


The government is also providing CFA of 20 percent of benchmark cost or tender cost, whichever is lower, for group housing societies/resident welfare associations for supply of power for common facilities under Phase-II of Grid Connected Rooftop (GCRT) Solar Programme.