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Dewa Gets Membership of Global Utilities Network

Date : May 14, 2019

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) said it has been made a member of the Leading Utilities of the World (LUOW) network in recognition of its excellence as one of the leading utilities worldwide.


The announcement came from the Dubai utility firm at the World Water Summit 2019 held last month in London, UK.


LUOW’s Advisory Board, which is made up of leaders of the top-performing water utilities from around the world, nominated Dewa as a member of its network in recognition of its exceptional experience in the field of innovation, especially after the Dubai utility won the Smart Water Company of the Year 2018, one of the most prominent international awards in this area.


Lauding the LUOW move, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, the managing director and CEO said this confirmed Dewa’s global standing and its path to achieving its vision to become a globally leading, sustainable, innovative corporation.


"The LUOW network membership is the Gold Standard for utility performance and recognition for being among the best in the world," he stated.


"In Dubai, we adopt three pillars to ensure the sustainability of water production. These are based on using clean solar energy to desalinate seawater using the latest Reverse Osmosis (RO) technologies. Excess water is stored in aquifers and pumped back into the water network when needed," noted Al Tayer.


"This integrated innovative model protects the environment and is a sustainable economic solution. It also emphasizes Dubai’s ability to anticipate and shape the future," he said.


"This is achieved within a comprehensive approach to ensure the sustainability of water resources in line with the Dubai Integrated Water Resource Management Strategy, which focuses on enhancing water resources, rationalizing water consumption, and using cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions to reduce water consumption by 30% by 2030," added Al Tayer.


Dewa Executive VP (Water & Civil) Abdullah Obaidullah said: "LUOW network members are evaluated based on two main factors: outstanding achievement in at least three aspects of utility management, and an ambition to continue to drive performance in the future."


"For Dewa, the presentation that was assessed covered the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (Scada) system for water, the advanced smart metering infrastructure, ‘Our Ideal Home’ initiative to involve stakeholders in conservation efforts, and Dewa’s strategy to produce 100% of desalinated water by a mix of clean energy that uses both renewable energy and waste heat," he explained.


This will allow Dubai to exceed global targets for using clean energy to desalinate water, he added.


According to him, Dewa’s efforts in research and development (R&D) and use of the latest global technologies have reduced losses in its water transmission and distribution networks from 42% in 1988 to 6.5%.


"This is one of the lowest worldwide, compared to around 15% in North America," he added.


Obaidullah said as part of its efforts to provide state-of-the-art infrastructure and manage all facilities and services in the emirate through smart and connected systems, Dewa is working to convert all water meters across Dubai to smart meters by the end of this year.


In addition to their role in the smart transformation, operational efficiency, and reducing water losses; smart meters provide many benefits to customers and help them monitor their consumption accurately and instantaneously, anytime, and anywhere. This contributes to promoting the responsible use and sustainability of resources, he added.