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KPC Unit ‘hte’ Invests in Catalyst Testing System

Germany-based hte, a high throughput experimentation company, has supplied a high throughput catalyst testing system for hydroprocessing applications to Kuwait Petroleum Research and Technology (KPR&T/Q8 Research), an affiliate of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC).


The test unit provided by hte is able to process atmospheric residue feedstocks. It supports KPR&T in establishing cost-effective catalyst research, said a statement.


The 16-fold reactor system was installed in 2018 in Rotterdam, Netherlands and is now delivering its first results.


KPC has the largest combined Atmospheric Residue DeSulphurisation (ARDS) capacity in the world, which in turn requires leading expertise in residue processing. KPR&T decided to use high throughput catalyst testing as it is a time-saving and cost-efficient approach for commercial catalyst testing. With hte’s proprietary technology, full-size commercial catalysts can be tested under commercially relevant conditions. These tests can be performed on real refinery feedstocks ranging from diesel, vacuum gas oil (VGO), and deasphalted oil (DAO) to atmospheric residue.


“After a thorough selection process, we chose a high throughput unit from hte that meets the extensive requirements for processing atmospheric residue. We are very satisfied with the data obtained. We recognise hte’s proven expertise and experience in delivering high-end technology and we are very excited to be collaborating with hte,” says the director of Q8 Research, Albert de Bont.


“We are pleased that KPR&T has decided to use hte's top-performing high throughput technology and we are looking forward to developing a reliable and long-lasting relationship. This collaboration brings a great opportunity for hte to further expand its exposure in the fast-growing R&D market in the Middle East,” says Wolfram Stichert, CEO at hte. 


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