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GAC Plans to Start Hull Cleaning Operations at Ras Laffan Port

GAC Qatar, a global provider of integrated shipping, logistics and marine services, has announced plans to start its hull cleaning operations at the port of Ras Laffan in Qatar in partnership with Dubai-based HullWiper by early next year.


A major player in the region, HullWiper provides cost-effective, efficient and environmentally-compliant hull cleaning services for vessels of all shapes and sizes.


The collaboration aims to meet growing demand for safe, eco-friendly hull cleaning solutions, said a statement from GAC.


GAC Qatar is the only company to have been granted a licence by the country’s Environment Ministry to operate hull cleaning equipment in its waters, it said.


Daniel Nordberg, managing director, GAC Qatar, said: “We have always been a maritime services pioneer. We are always looking for ways to innovate, add value to our customers, and at the same time, operate in an environmentally-conscious and sustainable manner.”


“Bringing HullWiper to Qatar is yet another initiative to tackle the global bio fouling crisis,” he stated.


Hullwiper, he said, offered ship owners and operators a cost-efficient, brush-and diver-free alternative to traditional hull cleaning methods that protected both the ocean and expensive anti-fouling vessel hull coatings.


Owners and operators benefit from a clean hull without any extra downtime or harm to the marine ecosystem, he added.


Simon Doran, managing director, HullWiper, said: “Qatar is the region’s biggest LNG exporter with more than 70 ships transporting cargo all over the world.”


“With the increase of LNG production, and other ships operating in the country, the number of vessels calling at its ports is expected to grow significantly and our operational presence in partnership with GAC at Ras Laffan will support Qatar’s initiative for safer, cleaner and greener shipping with its hull cleaning solutions,” he added.


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