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Shell Plans Opening 1,200 Retail Stations Across India in 10 Years

Shell Companies in India Chairman Nitin Prasad said the company plans to open 1,200 retail stations across India in the next ten years.


Terming it as one of “the most largest expansions" ever planned by Shell, he said "each one of those stations can easily accommodate about 100 workers. Simply put, one lakh jobs will get created."


These retail stations, in turn, will trigger several other jobs in terms of infrastructure building to supply those stations with fuel and retail products, he said.


"The infrastructure creation for supplying fuels and lubricant products to these retail stations could easily generate thousands of jobs," Prasad said here at an event organised by the company here.


Right now, the company has probably crossed putting up 120 retail stations across India and have acquired land for another 150, which are under-construction, Prasad said.


Initial stages of the decade, the company plans to open 150 to 200 retail stations, but slow it down at the end of the decade, he said.


"These retail stations will in all likelihood offer mosaic of solutions, not only relating to oil and gas, but also pertaining to electric, biofuels, LNG and may be hydrogen, in single retail station," Prasad said.


"We will have lubricants and also personal and human energy in terms of food and coffee. We are starting to see an interesting format in coming days," he added.


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