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CLP India is moving Away from Coal-Fired Power

Date : Jul 11, 2018

One of the earliest international entrants in the India’s power market, CLP, will only invest in zero-carbon emission power projects from here on. That’s according to the chief executive of its Indian arm Rajiv Mishra.


“There is very little chance of growing our conventional portfolio anymore,” Mishra said at the sidelines of a Bloomberg New Energy Finance conference in New Delhi. “A vast majority, if not all, will come from what we call non-carbon generating. That doesn't mean just renewable energy generation but potentially also transmission and distribution.”


Hong Kong-based CLP had entered India in 2002 by acquiring a majority stake in Gujarat Paguthan Energy Corporation Pvt. Ltd. Since then it has built a portfolio of about 1,000 megawatt across wind and solar energy. It has a flagship 655 MW gas-fired plant in Gujarat and a 1,320 MW coal-fired project in Haryana.


Himachal Pradesh Govt Gives Subsidy on Rooftop Solar Power Installations


The Himachal Pradesh government on Saturday announced a subsidy of 10 per cent or Rs 4,000 per KW, whichever is less, to all domestic consumers, institutions and those in the social sectors for installation of solar power plants at the rooftop of their buildings.


This subsidy would be additional to the subsidy given by the Central government, a government spokes told source.


The subsidy amount would be deposited directly to the bank account of the consumer through state-run Himachal Pradesh Energy Development Authority or HIMURJA.