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Iraqi Rehabilitation & Starting of the Crude Strategic Pipeline Kirkuk- Baiji- Baghdad

Mr. Jabbar Al-Luiebi the minister of oil declared the rehabilitation & starting of the strategic pipeline of crude oil (16 inch) which is extended from Kirkuk fields to Baiji and then to Baghdad. The project was finished in a record time and by depending on the available capabilities.


Mr. Al-Luiebi praised the efforts of the oil staff from the oil pipelines company and the oil projects company, as well as the supporting authorities from the oil companies, the security forces and the energy police.


Mr. Al-Luiebi said that the pipeline’s capacity is (40,000) barrels/ day and extends over (180) kilometers. The pipeline supplies the refineries of Baiji and Daura with crude oil, in addition to the Quds power station in the north of Baghdad.


The pipeline is also economically important to supply the refineries instead of the tanker trucks in order to save money to the federal budget. He said also that the rehabilitation included the removing of thousands of land mines, shells and war debris which was set by the gangs of ISIS over a vast area around the pipeline. It is worthy to say that the pipeline was sabotaged and damaged during the last few years.


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