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Khark Could Turn into Petrochemical Hub

Date : May 15, 2018

The CEO of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) said Khark Island, where Iran exports most of its crude oil, could turn into a petrochemical hub for the country.


Seyyed Reza Norouzzadeh, during a visit to Kharg Island's oil export terminal, underlined the lucrative nature of petrochemical activities, saying Iran was regarded as a major oil producer in the world and renovation of the terminal's decks indicated the capabilities of the country's experts, NIPNA reported.


"Khark Island's export decks enjoy the required standards and their equipment have been upgraded to the latest standards," he said on Sunday. 


The NPC CEO further said Iran had always turned sanctions and threats into opportunities, saying that some countries had always been hostile to Iran; "boycotts do create problems, but the Iranian nation has always made them an opportunity."


Norouzzadeh said: "The income generated from exporting petrochemical products is a good income, and we hope that in the near future Khark Island will become the hub of petrochemical industry."