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India: United Drilling Tools Receives Design Patents in UK for Pipe Connectors

United Drilling Tools Ltd. (UDTL) has announced that it has recently received registration for design patents in the United Kingdom for their Multi-Star Casing Pipe Connectors, Metal to Metal Seal Casing Pipe Connectors and Weight Set Casing Pipe Connectors which is valid for 5 years.


UDTL has been manufacturing & supplying these connectors with trade names as UDT Leopard, UDT Swift and UDT Lynx connectors for the last 15 years and is the only manufacturer of these connectors in India. UDT already has a significant presence in the Indian Oil & Gas upstream segment & is a sole supplier to major Indian oil PSUs like ONGC & OIL India.


Now the recent design patent registrations in the United Kingdom will provide a much greater opportunity for UDT to market & supply their products in the global market which is currently approx. Rs. 50-80 billion. UDTL has also recently passed the requirement set forth for ISO 13679-2019 CAL I, where internal analysis is verified and evaluated by physical testing through internal and external sources. This certification has been provided by one of the world-leading quality Evaluation companies, which is AB Quality Evaluations Inc.


UDTL is currently having almost 100 per cent market share of Connectors for Large OD Casing Pipes in India which means approx. Rs. 1-1.5 billion and with these design registrations and compliance certificate from ABS Quality Evaluations it has opened up the doors in the world market which is approx. Rs. 5,000-8,000 n. Thus, there exists a vast opportunity for UDT in the global market & turn for the customer to have the most cost-effective UDT products with global standards. So far United Drilling Tools Ltd has 13 design patents registered, 8 in India & 5 in the UK and another 5 awaiting the registration process. UDT has 20 registered trademarks whereas we have also applied for 9 patents.


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