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ALEC Engineering to Launch Water Treatment Projects in UAE and Saudi Arabia

Dubai-based ALEC Engineering and Contracting (ALEC) said it has signed an exclusive strategic partnership deal with Norwegian-based MAT Filtration Technologies and Mat-Kuling for land-based aquaculture, water treatment projects and filtration in both UAE and Saudi Arabia.


Structured to provide a viable, turnkey solution for several of the region’s upcoming megaprojects, the partnership will focus on supporting food security through the development of fisheries, which will utilise Mat-Kuling’s Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS), which are especially designed to require less fresh water, while retaining a healthy environment for the fish.


On the deal CEO Kez Taylor said: "With both the UAE and Saudi Arabia seeking to reinforce their national food security programmes, in addition to the international challenges facing the global fishing industry, our partnership with MAT Filtration Technologies and Mat-Kuling is a strategic step which will combine the strengths of both companies to provide a cost-effective, state-of-the-art solution for aquaculture, thereby supporting the region’s longer-term, self-sufficiency targets."


"In addition, we will also be seeking to broaden our scope by looking at future water treatment projects and integrated filtration systems, thanks to Mat-Kuling’s diverse range of technological solutions," he added.


With over a decade of experience in manufacturing filtration equipment, Mat-Kuling’s product range has been uniquely fine-tuned to make it more operator-friendly focused, while remaining durable enough to cope with the harsh humid conditions of the Middle Eastern summers.


Having integrated RAS technology into its offering, the new regional partnership is not only able to adhere to stricter environmental regulations in terms of energy consumption, but also through its materials, which are made from non-osmotic and ozone sustainable plastic materials, he added.


The partnership comes after similar agreements have been reached in both countries.


According to RAS Tech Magazine, Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners recently closed a round of funding with 8F Asset Management’s land-based aquaculture fund, which also owns Pure Salmon and has multiple RAS projects in Europe, Japan and the United States.


In Saudi Arabia, a fish farm with Tabuk Fish Company, is being planned within the kingdom's futuristic city Neom. Upon completion, it will boast a production capacity of 70 million eggs, making it the biggest hatchery in the Mena region.


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