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India: Vijayawada Station Platforms Get Solar Rooftops

Date : Jul 22, 2021

The Indian Railways’ Vijayawada station in Andhra Pradesh has been equipped with an innovative solar photovoltaic cover-over-platform.


The new equipment will save around Rs 8.1 lakh annually. The system reduces carbon emissions by meeting 18 percent of the station’s power requirement, while additionally acting as a shelter for passengers.


The 65 kWp building-integrated photovoltaic (PV) solar cover was commissioned virtually by the South Central Railway’s Vijayawada Divisional Manager P Srinivas.


The new addition takes Vijayawada station’s solar PV cover-over platform capacity to 130 kWp.


Additionally, following recommendations of the Divisional Railway Manager, it has been decided to cover the 32 mtr gap between the current shelter and the new building-integrated PV solar cover on Platforms No 4 and 5.


The new project, which has already been sanctioned, will add another 65 kWp solar power. For this project, 54 kWp on Platforms No 4 and 5 and 11 kWp on Platforms No 8 and 9 were commissioned.


Previously, solar high capacity building-integrated photovoltaic solar plant of 65kWp was installed on Platforms No 4 and 5 in December 2019.


With a total capacity of 130 kWp solar roof, Vijayawada Railway Station will save around 2.12 lakh units of power per annum, saving Rs 16.36 lakh annually.