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Kuwait PPP Projects on Hold due to Pandemic

Date : Jul 22, 2021

The projects of the Public-Private Partnership Authority were not spared from the repercussions and negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The project for the construction of labor cities has been halted, as none of the qualified alliances for the project submitted their technical and financial bids despite the authority’s response earlier to the alliances’ requests to postpone the closing date for bidding.


Director of the authority Fadhilah Al- Hassan explained that some of its projects were affected by the repercussions of the pandemic.


The preferred investor for the project to convert solid waste into electrical energy in Kabd area has submitted an apology for their inability to complete the project’s implementation procedures.


The Kabd project and the labor cities project will be presented to the Supreme Committee in the next meeting to discuss the latest developments and to take the appropriate decision in that regard.


In her first press interview, Al-Hassan said she expects the procedures for rehabilitating the alliances for the projects of the North Al-Zour Station (second and third phases), the Khairan station, and the first phase of electric power generation and water distillation, would be resumed during the fourth quarter of this year, provided that there is no change in the time schedule agreed with the authority concerned with the project, which is the Ministry of Electricity and Water.