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Big 5 Solar Expo to Start in November

Date : Feb 13, 2018

The Big 5 Solar, a premier event for solar industry in Dubai, UAE, will be back this year from November 26 to 29 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, following a successful launch edition in 2017.


Deals worth a total $70.9 million were signed during The Big 5 Solar 2017 amidst a strong turnout for featured workshops at the event, thus reflect the scale of future business prospects in the surrounding region, said the event organisers.


"Such a huge success for The Big 5 Solar launch edition reflects a strong and growing market for renewable energy in and around the GCC. With this reassurance, we are delighted to bring it back to Dubai in 2018," remarked portfolio event director for The Big 5 Solar, Josine Heijmans.


"The exhibitors at the event were overwhelmed by the traffic and quality of visitors to their stands, and visitors were consistently filling the ‘Solar Talks’ theatre to gain insight into the various emerging markets," she added.


Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and CEO and Chairman of the Emirates Group, had inaugurated last year's event held alongside The Big 5 – the largest construction event in the Middle East.


Naseer Sayed, the CEO of exhibitor Group Solar Hong Kong (GSHK) said: "The Big 5 Solar is the platform to truly demonstrate and showcase our products and solutions to the various industries corresponding under the umbrella of The Big 5 event."


"The co-location provided a unique opportunity where we could meet the decision makers from other markets, like construction, and come up with new solutions that allow these markets to benefit from renewable energy," he stated.


GSHK have since announced that exhibiting at The Big 5 Solar has led to a total $70.9 million worth of deals made with a variety of distributors in and around the Mena region. Displaying cars that featured flexible ‘solar stickers’ beneath a suspended GSHK logo, the brand grabbed the attention of visitors and exhibitors alike.


Fellow exhibitor Back-2-Back have come away from the event as the new official GCC distributor for GSHK products and solutions.


Back 2 Back said its distribution is fully focused on innovation in renewable energy, trying to bring the technology that matches the challenging environment of the Middle East.


“We were a team of 12 at The Big 5 Solar, and still we were kept busy throughout. There were more visitors than we expected, with many more people interested in our products than we anticipated – it’s a nice problem to have,” remarked Abdulrahman Alnounou, CEO of Back 2 Back group.


Furthermore, a huge turnout for the free-to-attend CPD (continued professional development) certified Big 5 Solar Talks at the event indicate the way in which solar and renewable energy interest is growing in the region, said the organisers.


Speakers provided exclusive insights into the industry’s most compelling topics, including the role of small and medium enterprises and the impact of VAT on the solar industry.


“There were people even standing to listen - The Big 5 Solar is a wonderful event. So much participation from the audience, they were very good quality and came from across the world all under one roof. I think that’s the greatest part of this event,” stated speaker Anuj Nigam, the director of Startling Solar.


On the current state of the solar industry, speaker from the high-level Global Solar Leaders Summit which took place at the event, Dr Nasser Saidi, the chairman of Clean Energy Business Council Global, concludes that “solar power is going to become ubiquitous, not just in your homes, it will be on the roads, it will be the solar tiles on your roof - it will be all over.”


The summit was opened by Dr Matar Al Neyadi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy (UAE), followed by the presentation of two awards given over by himself and Matt Denton, President of The Big 5 Solar event organizers, DMG events Middle East, Asia & Africa.


The Big 5 and The Big 5 Solar 2017 welcomed over 65,000 participants and more than 2,600 exhibitors from 64 countries, and has been recognised as the most successful edition to date thanks to its high quality in terms of both participants and features.