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Oman Installing Solar Rooftop Systems on Ministry Schools

Date : Sep 22, 2017

Oman is installing solar power systems on the rooftops of 22 schools run by the Ministry of Education in a move to boost renewable energy development, a report said.


CESI Middle East, a leading engineering services provider, is overseeing the delivery of the rooftop programme, said the company’s head Flemming Christensen.


“There are great opportunities for Oman to capitalise on the natural resources from both the sun and the unique wind power potential in the Dhofar region,” Christensen said.


“The market price of utility scale solar power generation is now lower than the current spot market price for gas, from recent published tendered contracts. The cost of electricity from wind turbines is also declining, allowing for Oman to consider the bold vision of a fully renewable power generation system by 2050. The adaptation of increasing levels of uncertain power generation away from traditional gas fired power generation is a significant challenge for the electricity sector,” he added.


“We have expanded from this earlier work and are now leading the common sector wide AMR implementation for Nama Group, ensuring both the immediate goals for the provision of billing data to the Distribution Companies are met, whilst having the preparations for the longer term objectives in sight,” said Christensen.


“The AMR platform and the business services we are preparing for use in the electricity sector will serve as stepping stones for the inclusion of distributed renewable power generation and underpin the development of Smart Grid support in Oman.”