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Bahri Ship Management Complies with EU Emission Standards

Date : Sep 07, 2017

Bahri Ship Management, one of the six business units within Bahri, has become one of the first shipping companies to comply with the submission of EU MRV (monitoring, reporting, verification) plans for the full fleet, ahead of the deadline.


At present, Bahri Ship Management operates 39 VLCCs, 23 chemical tankers, 10 product tankers, five bulk carriers, and six ROCONs. Seven further VLCCs are on order, with deliveries expected to be completed by May 2018.


To comply with the EU MRV Regulation, ship owners and operators of vessels exceeding 5,000 GT and intending to operate to or from or within the European Union must have approved ship-specific monitoring plans (MP), detailing the procedures, systems, and responsibilities in place to monitor fuel consumption, carbon emissions, and associated transport work.


The team at Bahri Ship Management worked in collaboration with industry experts at Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) for approval of its monitoring plans.


LRQA is the first group of verification bodies to receive accreditation against the international management system standard for GHG (Greenhouse Gas) validation or verification – ISO 14065 – to globally deliver assessment and verification services related to GHG emissions and specifically, the MRV Regulation. This is an extension to LRQA’s existing accreditation to ISO 14065, under which related schemes are delivered.


HSEQ’s senior manager Michael Bradshaw said: “As the world’s largest owner and operator of VLCCs, a leading operator of medium-range chemical tankers, and ‎one of the top ‏‎10 ‎break-bulk carriers in the ‏world, ‎we are passionate about delivering safe, environmentally efficient and reliable services to all our stakeholders. To achieve this, we are relentless in our pursuit of technical and IT solutions to deliver operational efficiency and demonstrate our commitment to preventing harm to the natural environment.”