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MH Al Mahroos Signs Partnership Deal with US Group Toro

Mohammed Hassan Al Mahroos, a leading provider of tools and equipment for construction, industrial, air-conditioning and specialised engineering projects in the GCC, has signed a partnership agreement with US-based Toro, an irrigation systems and smart water-saving technologies manufacturer.


A leading provider of water-related products and equipment and technologies for the commercial and residential segments, MH Al Mahroos has a major presence in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain representing irrigation systems, water pumps, drainage systems, fountains and water heaters.


Toro is one of the largest companies that specialises in modern irrigation technologies in the world, with accumulated experience in the field of irrigation of gardens, green spaces, agricultural projects, golf courses and artificial lakes.


Since its establishment in 1914 as the first supplier of agricultural tractors in the US, Toro is now the leading global provider of innovative irrigation solutions, including gardens maintenance, lawn care, management and operation of infrastructure construction, and irrigation.


As per the agreement, MH Al Mahroos will be the exclusive dealers of Torro's advanced irrigation systems and the latest related technologies in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.  


The company's customer base spans over 125 countries around the world, providing extensive variety of products to serve a wide range of golf courses, government institutions, rental companies, farm owners and contractors.


Toro has several advanced irrigation systems, most notably the “Sentinel” system, which ensures communication through radio, optical fibres or cables for central control.


It also provides modern irrigation services with high accuracy while saving time and facilitating the irrigation process for all customers and controlling the quantities of water consumed for irrigation purposes through an intelligent system to determine irrigation models and their times as desired by the customer.


Commenting on the deal, Talal Al Mahroos, Manager in Executive Management at MH Al Mahroos, said: "We are pleased to sign this strategic partnership agreement with one of the prestigious international company that continues to lead in harnessing the latest technology in developing modern irrigation systems, which meet the needs of various clients and projects, such as parks, agriculture and other green areas, and in a way that serves the goals of preserving the environment and its natural resources."


"This reflects our keenness to adopt and present the finest applications and automated equipment in the implementation of large projects in both kingdoms, in which we aspire to meet the requirements of our valued customers and keep pace with their aspirations in utilising the latest engineering and technical mechanisms to optimize time and effort."


Mohamed Ghaddar, Toro Regional Sales Manager – MEA, said: "Through this partnership, we will strive to serve MH Al Mahroos' quality visions by utilizing our modern irrigation technologies. We look forward to cooperating with the company to provide the best and most advanced solutions in the field of irrigation systems and water management."


"For more than 10 decades since its establishment, Toro has sought to reduce environmental impacts and multiply the efficiency and production of resources in its operations, products and services provided to customers, in a way that ultimately serves the protection of the environment," stated Ghaddar.


"Our continuous investment in innovation and developing new products is an integral part of our strategy by providing alternative energy solutions, smart applications and automated technologies, thus offering various advantages, such as time, efforts and costs optimization," he added.


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