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Dubai Municipality Wins Ideas Arabia Award in Sustainability Category

Dubai Municipality has won Ideas Arabia international award, organised by Dubai Quality Group, in the "Sustainability" category, through the initiative "Applying Artificial Intelligence System to Monitor and Control Wastewater Treatment Processes at Jebel Ali Plant."


Eng. Mohammad Al Rayes, Director of Sewage Treatment Network and Plants Department at Dubai Municipality, said: "The initiative aims to implement a smart and innovative system that allows automatic and self-control and tuning of the aeration level of treated wastewater, which contributes to improving the quality of the water produced after treatment, which will be reflected in a positive way for raising the level of customer and beneficiary satisfaction. ''


''This initiative comes in response to the strategic objectives of Dubai Municipality, which are: providing smart and integrated services and solutions, protecting the environment and sustaining its natural resources, and implementing pioneering sustainable systems." He added that the implementation of the initiative contributed to reducing the electrical energy consumption required for operation, raising the efficiency of the jets operating on aeration through automatic operation, optimal investment of the necessary human resources and raising the efficiency and quality of productivity, in addition to improving the quality of the water produced after treatment due to the oxygen ratio control.


''Obtaining this award is considered a pioneering step for Dubai Municipality in the field of implementing vital projects and operating them in line with the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and its applications in the field of sustainability adopted globally, in addition to being a great incentive to pursue, study and elicit knowledge from international best practices,'' he added.


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