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Saudi Expects to Appoint Financial Advisors for WTP Soon

Saudi Water Partnership Company (SWPC) is planning to prequalify financial advisory and supervisory consultants for upcoming South Najran, Riyadh East, Khamis Mushait, and Hafar Al-Batin Independent Sewage Treatment Plant (ISTP) projects, said a source aware of the plans.


"SWPC has invited bids for the financial advisory contract for the third round of ISTPs to be submitted in February 2021. The expression of interest (EOI) tender for the projects is expected to be issued in January 2022," the source said.


He said the South Najran ISTP is scheduled to start operations in 2024 with an initial capacity of 25,000 cubic metres per day (m3/day), expandable to 50,000 m3/day by 2028.


Similarly, Riyadh East ISTP is slated to start operations by December 2023 with an initial capacity of 50,000 m3/day expandable to 100,000 m3/day by 2028, and Khamis Mushait is proposed to be operational with 25,000 m3/day in 2023, expandable to 50,000 m3/day in 2027.


Hafar Al-Batin ISTP will have a capacity of 50,000 m3/day.


"SWPC had issued tenders for the appointment of financial advisors in November 2019, and the bid submission was due on 5 December 2019, which was later extended to February 2021," a second source said.


SWPC intends to develop an additional 11 ISTPs with a total capacity of 1.2 million m3/day between 2022 and 2026, according to its 7-year planning statement.


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