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SWCC Completes Work on 7 Desalination Plants

The Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) has completed the work on seven small- and medium-sized desalination plants that have a total production and supply capacity of 304,350 cu m per day, said a report.


Despite the ongoing pandemic, the SWCC achieved the construction target with its innovative solutions and new technologies developed in line with international standards, said a senior official.


SWCC Governor Abdullah Al Abdul Kareem said the corporation has successfully completed work on small- and medium-sized plants that consume less energy and are more reliable.


The Shuqaiq desalination plant, which is operational, boasts a total production capacity of 42,500 cu m, he stated.


Besides Shuqaiq, the Amlaj, Duba desalination plant, a new facility in Forsan, Al Khobar and other projects in different parts of the kingdom have already started operations.


"SWCC has made great progress in reducing the operational costs of its new plants by 50 to 55 per cent. It aims to reduce energy consumption and ensure efficient services to the public," he added.


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