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Rawabi Dalma Co. Ltd.

Address: P.O. Box 79707, Al Badranee (Saihat Road), Opp. Qatif Stadium,

About Us: Dalma possesses drilling equipment, and highly capable personnel specializing in exploration and development drilling of oil and gas wells. We offer a variety of services from shallow depth drilling and workover operations to drilling oil wells and deep gas wells of more than 5,000 meters. Currently, Dalma operates 22 land drilling rigs in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Oatar, India and Algeria.Our 1760 employees are focused on providing quality services and striving towards achieving their companys vision. Each employee brings diverse background and specialized discipline to deliver services based on quality.We greatly value the business relationships with our customers and suppliers and look forward to your continued support and interest in the exciting years ahead.

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