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Bapco Launches Advanced Automotive Lubricants in Bahrain

Date : Sep 08, 2015

Bapco has launched its brand of advanced automotive lubricants for the sector’s consumer market in Bahrain.


Meant for both petrol and diesel engines, the Bapco Lubricants portfolio includes 12 products.


The petrol range features Bapco Charger Xtreem, Bapco Charger ECO, Bapco Charger RT, Bapco Charger Super Plus and Bapco Charger Super. The diesel range includes Bapco Frontier Megatek, Bapco Frontier Turbo LD, Bapco Frontier Turbo and Bapco Frontier Super Plus.


A statement said the products are carefully designed by a team of highly-qualified engineers and scientists at a state-of the-art research and development facility. The products will provide high performance for an entire spectrum of vehicles encompassing cars, buses, heavy duty trucks, earthmoving and construction equipment, two-wheelers, outboard engines, coastal boats and motorsport track cars.


In addition to enhancing engine performance, Bapco Lubricants also offer greater cleaning power and more protection against wear and tear, especially at higher ambient temperatures, the company said.


The flagship Bapco engine lubricant is Bapco Charger Xtreem, an “ultra-modern, fully synthetic motor oil for turbocharged petrol engines in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles”. It is suitable for all driving conditions and allows for longer oil drain intervals.


Benefits offered by Bapco Charger Xtreem include more power boost for high performance, extra protection against wear in extreme driving conditions, excellent control of oil thickening, more protection from corrosion and effective cleaning of the engine resulting in longer engine life.


“Introducing our lubricant range brings a synergy from Bapco as the fuel supplier of the nation,” said Bapco chief executive Dr Pete Bartlett. “Bapco has been spearheading Bahrain’s progress on all fronts and the company has always been committed to delivering these innovative products to its customer base,” he added.


He said the lubricant business was set up in 2011 as part of the company’s product diversification strategy. “Over the past three years, we have been perfecting the lubricants through multi-level testing and market trials.


“The focus was to create and develop lubricants that perform excellently on all fronts and we are more than pleased with the outcome,” added Dr Bartlett.


Bapco Lubricants are manufactured at a fully automated and ISO 9001:2008 certified lubricant blending plant.


Deputy chief executive Ebrahim Talib said thanks to quality control measures, Bapco Lubricants conform to international API, SAE, OEMs and other relevant lubricant standards.


Bapco Charger Super Plus lubricant uses a special high viscosity index base stock and additive package with characteristics that exceed the requirements of American and European classifications.


The lubricants are now available at leading car parts dealers, fuel stations and workshops across the kingdom through the authorised distributor, Nass Commercial, said general manager for marketing Khalid Buhazza.