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Sinopec holds First Virtual International Open Day Event in Saudi Arabia

Date : Sep 15, 2020

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) held its first virtual, as well as debut International Open Day in Saudi Arabia.


A leading energy and chemical company in China, Sinopec said the "Better Energy, Better Life" event explored its comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to sustainability.


This online Sinopec Open Day event highlighted the Chinese firm's milestones since its entry into Saudi Arabia in 2000 and provided updates while inviting questions from the global audience. 


For over two decades, Sinopec has consistently provided high-quality engineering, technology, and refining services for the Saudi petroleum and petrochemical industry, as well as supplied petroleum and petrochemical equipment, products, and services.


Sinopec, along with local partners, launched a world-class joint venture and cooperation refinery plant.


In 2000, the company established its first drilling rig in the country; now, it oversees nearly 70 rigs. With its safe, efficient construction, Sinopec has established a positive reputation in Saudi Arabia.


To propel the development of drilling technology, it set up Sinopec Tech Middle East in Saudi Arabia's Dhahran Techno Valley in 2017, the first Chinese R&D centre in the country.


This reflected Sinopec's commitment to becoming the world's leading clean energy chemical company through greater cooperation with local communities and the government.


Sinopec pointed out that it was currently carrying out a four-year 3D geophysical prospecting project in the country, with over 1,000 project personnel combating average highs of 50° Celsius of daily basis in a desert zone covering more than 200 sq km.


Since entering Saudi Arabia in 2004, the Sinopec Exploration team has completed nine geophysical prospecting projects marked by its leading technology and outstanding health safety and environment performance.


In 2008, the Sinopec Training Center opened in Saudi Arabia to train local petroleum engineering personnel.


As Sinopec's first overseas training center, it has since hosted 1,310 training courses and trained over 30,000 employees, in addition to cooperating with Saudi Aramco Training and multinational training institutions, said the company.


The facility is also an important venue for Sino-Arab cultural exchange with a Silk Road bookstore for students to learn about Chinese culture, it added.