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Sinopec Deploys Giant Crawler Crane at Duqm Refinery Project Site

Date : Mar 31, 2020

Chinese specialist heavy lifting and transportation contractor Sinopec Heavy Lifting & Transportation Company (SLT) has deployed the world's largest crawler crane - its fully-owned XGC88000 machine - to lift into place a massive piece of equipment at the site of the Duqm Refinery Project.


The diesel hydrogenation reactor, weighing 808 tonnes and towering some 45.7 m in height, was hauled into place as part of the EPC-1 package of the multi-billion dollar refinery project, said SLT statement.


With the utilisation of the 4,000-tonne capacity crane, history of sorts was created in Oman's construction sector, it added.


According to SLT, the XGC88000 arrived in the Port of Duqm last month, thus marking the maiden visit of the world's largest crawler crane in Oman.


This specific one time in place lifting of the diesel hydrogenation reactor means the round of super-heavy lifting works commences, said the company.


There are totally 107 pieces of heavy equipment for Duqm Refinery EPC-1 package, of which 15 super-heavy pieces will be lifted by the XGC88000, it added.