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SOHAR Port and Freezone Continues Business Operations

The management team at SOHAR Port and Freezone affirms the continuation of its business operations, despite the current health crisis surrounding the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). SOHAR team has increased efforts to ensure an uninterrupted flow of operations and a continued supply to the local market. SOHAR has activated its business continuity plan, while also adhering to the health and safety directives mandated by the Supreme Committee, throughout all its Port and Freezone facilities.


Highlighting the importance of the plan, Batti Bin Mohamed Al Shibli, Harbour Master at SOHAR said, “We are truly facing a difficult time during the current situation, but have been able to overcome certain challenges by having a plan in place to enhance the activities of the Marine Department. This strategy supports the efficient and effective handling of shipping goods and operations, allowing for a smooth flow of logistic operations while continuing to supply the markets with its required needs.”


“I would like to commend the hard work and dedication of all members of the Marine Team, over the past few weeks. The ability to execute port operations successfully and simultaneously maintain the highest standards of safety and preventive measures is not an easy task. I also believe that the high inflow of work is due to the influx of demand, which means we are playing our part in bringing in added value to Oman’s import and export sector. We are confident that with the support and cooperation of everyone involved, we will not only help to overcome this difficult time but will also see the creation of a brighter and sustainable future.” Al Shibli added.


"Moreover, it is important to highlight the high-level collaboration between various entities in both the private and public sectors. Therefore, I would like to extend my gratitude to every individual who has been involved and is still working during these unprecedented times. It is only through their hard work and efforts that the effects of this pandemic have been mitigated, as much as possible,” Al Shibli concluded.


SOHAR Port and Freezone is recognised as a key logistics hub in the Sultanate, with a majority of good coming via the Port to be distributed within the local market. Over the past few weeks, SOHAR activated its business continuity plan, together with the support of ASYAD, Oman’s flagship logistics group, the Directorate General of Customs, Royal Oman Police and the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry. SOHAR Freezone continues to provide all facilities for its customers at competitive prices, with the availability of ready warehouses contributing towards facilitating the import of large quantities of food products in bulk, alongside ensuring proper storage to meet market demand.


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