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India Takes Over Operations of Part of Chabahar Port in Iran

Date : Jan 08, 2019

The government announced on Monday that India has taken over the operations of a part of the Chabahar Port in Iran. The takeover marks the first time India is operating a port outside its territory.


The takeover of operations was done during the Chabahar Trilateral Agreement meeting between Indian, Iranian and Afghanistan's officials on December 24, the Shipping Ministry said in a statement.


"This step marks the beginning of a long journey. India has written history with its engagement in Chabahar and is now leading the regional cooperation and joint efforts to support land-locked Afghanistan," it said.


India started talks with Iran on Chabahar Port in 2003. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the two countries for the development of the port in May 2015. It was later translated into a formal 10-year contract for equipping and operating the port.