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Tadweer Unveils Latest Waste Management Technologies at Gitex Expo

Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer) is showcasing its latest waste management and pest control technologies and solutions at the upcoming Gitex Technology Week 2018 expo in Dubai.


Tadweer, which is taking part in the event as part of Abu Dhabi Government Pavilion, is offering visitors a sneak peek into the cutting-edge technologies that help the centre improve the efficiency of its waste management operations and enhance the quality of services provided to society.


The technologies on display include integrated smart technology for pests management, robotic sweeper - the SmartBee, Aber Smart gates and the GIS Management Dashboard.


Dr. Salem Al Kaabi, the acting general manager of Tadweer, said: "We are committed to implementing the highest international standards across our mandate of waste management and pest control. We are able to achieve high success rates through the adoption of latest technologies and best-in-class services."


"Our participation at Gitex Technology Week 2018 allows us to share our success story and highlight next-generation technologies to our stakeholders and the wider audience," he noted.


"More importantly, our Gitex outing is aligned with the direction of the Abu Dhabi government to promote digital transformation and smart services and build a robust digital economy," he added.


Al Kaabi pointed out that the digital initiatives undertaken by Tadweer have led to a paradigm shift in integrated waste management in the emirate of Abu Dhabi through leveraging smart solutions to support the continuity of service delivery.


In addition to achieving sustainable development and creating a pollution-free environment in Abu Dhabi, these technologies help the emirate improve the quality of life of its population, and preserve its natural resources for future generations, he added.


Of the technologies showcased at Gitex Technology Week 2018 which is being held from October 14 to 19, the integrated smart technology for pest management offers an electronic database to manage pests, summarise results and extract data related to all types of pests for any period of time.


The solution allows Tadweer to create GIS-enabled reports based on the input provided and show results on heat maps and send them directly to customers. The data helps Tadweer identify the levels and severity of pest infestation, and analyze its causes.


The system can track field teams, their tasks and vehicles through global positioning systems (GPS), manage warehouse inventory, materials and equipment and integrate them with a complete database that contains all relevant information including the client name, location coordinates, and contact details.


The robotic sweeper - the SmartBee is an electronic robotic road cleaning machine utilized for cleaning cycling tracks and paved areas.


The Aber Smart Gate employs latest technology to control access to waste receiving facilities such as landfills, transfer stations, incinerators, and fertilization plants.


The technology aims to automate vehicular entry to the landfill for authorized vehicles, reduce the waiting period on landfill gates and ensure that operators comply with the contractual aspects, guidelines and regulations.


The GIS Management Dashboard allows Tadweer to review the performance of waste collection service providers, as well as view and track issues reported to each service provider with the support of geofence details. Inspector performance can also be evaluated through the dashboard.


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