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KOC Inaugurates Shuwaikh Deep-Water Port Facility

Under the patronage of CEO Emad Mahmoud Sultan, KOC recently inaugurated the Company’s new calm buoy, which was designed by Bluewater, a Dutch energy services company, and constructed by the Heavy Engineering Industries and Shipbuilding Company (HEISCO) at Shuwaikh Port.


Manager Marine Operations Group Sami Al-Sawagh attended the event and delivered an opening speech on behalf of the KOC CEO. Manager Export Operations Group Ali Al-Sayed, Manager Public Relations & Information Group Mohammed Al-Basry, HEISCO Chairman Adnan Al-Kharafi, Bluewater Vice President (Projects) Geert Datema, as well as representatives from a number of K-Companies, ministries, government agencies, and representatives of the diplomatic corps in Kuwait attended the ceremony, which was held at HEISCO’s headquarters.


In his speech, Al-Sawagh said that calm buoys are an integral component of the offshore infrastructure of KOC’s export operations, as they enhance the Company’s capabilities and provide additional flexibility for export operations. It should be noted that all stages of the construction process associated with the project took place in Kuwait and utilized local expertise.


Al-Sawagh went on to say that the successful construction of the buoy was a result of excellent cooperation, understanding, support, and coordination between the three partners in the project. He added that all work related to the construction of the buoy was carried out with dedication, professionalism, and commitment from all parties.


Meanwhile, HEISCO Chairman Adnan Al-Kharafi commended the Ministry of Oil, KPC, and KOC for their assistance in accomplishing the first achievement of its kind in Kuwait.


The calm buoy is a deep-water port facility which is used to dock supertankers and pump oil for export at a high rate. It is also used to refuel visiting ships, and it assists greatly in maintaining KOC’s export efficiency, which is in line with the requirements of the 2040 Strategy for Kuwait’s oil sector.


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