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Gautam Solar Expands Module Mounting Structure Manufacturing Capacity

Date : Nov 24, 2021

Gautam Solar, a home-grown solar manufacturer, recently expanded its production footprint by boosting the manufacturing unit of solar module mounting structures by 10 times from 50 tpm to 500 tpm. 


Based in Haridwar, the state-of-the-art unit will produce solar module mounting (SMM) structures for solar pumps, solar power plants (utility scale & rooftops) alongwith solar street lights and high masts.


The unit's expansion will allow Gautam Solar to cater to the renewable energy targets of the government of India. The structures have been designed to withstand wind speed up to 150 km per hour, adding to robustness & longer life. 


The products have been designed by an experienced team of structural engineers and approved by top-known structural engineering institutes.


Gautam Solar is manufacturing all components of solar PV systems in-house viz 250 MW solar module manufacturing (ALMM approved), solar electronics (inverters, pump controllers, remote monitoring units), solar storage (lead acid battery, Li-Fe battery, tubular gel battery) and solar module mounting structures.


Gautam Solar intends to become the one-stop solution manufacturing all solar PV Components in India.