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UK Pipeline Specialist Stats Strengthens Qatari Operations

UK pipeline technology specialist Stats Group has strengthened its operations in Qatar with the recent hiring of additional project engineers and technicians even as the company continues to create significant in-country value.


Qatar, with the world’s third largest reserves of natural gas, is a strategically important market for Stats Group.


Stats provides pressurised pipeline isolation, hot tapping and plugging services to the global oil, gas and petrochemical industries, and has had a presence in Qatar since 2011, with an operational base strategically located in Doha to offer a rapid response to its clients.


The company has established a strong reputation for its market leading technology in Qatar with significant awards for the supply of pipeline isolation and intervention equipment to major Qatari operators as part of their Emergency Pipeline Repair Systems (EPRS).


Stats said the equipment, which is stored in Qatar, is in a state of readiness for pre-planned and emergency situations and offers a safe double block isolation solution to carry out effective repairs to both subsea and onshore pipelines, with the additional significant benefit of supporting clients progress towards their sustainability goals by reducing the need to depressurise or flare large volumes of inventory.


Ongoing investment over the last decade in establishing international bases has been key to Stats’ global success. Indeed, the most recent annual accounts linked to December 2020 show that 88% of its £42.5 million revenue was generated outside the UK home market.


Stats Group CEO Leigh Howarth, said: "Our strong performance in 2020 was largely due to continued investment in international infrastructure which has established responsive regionalised management teams and localised workforces close to key markets, including Qatar."


Vikas Shangari, General Manager for Stats Qatar, said: "We are pleased to have the opportunity to be building our in-country capability in response to a growing demand for our isolation and hot tapping services."


"Building on the solid foundation we have put in place over the years, our broadening of the team’s capability will ensure we have the human resource, technical skills, and ability to deploy quickly, to satisfy this demand," he added.


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