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Iran Unveils Reserve Solar Energy Reactor in Qazvin

Date : Sep 05, 2017

Iran has unveiled a long-term reserve solar energy reactor in the Science and Technology Park of Qazvin, a report said.


The reactor works through physical and chemical reactions to reserve long-term solar steam.


Because of the existence of plenty of sun rays in summer, by physical and chemical reactions these rays will reserve 300-degree steam in the reactor and use them in winter time.


The system can be used in different places, either residential, business area, working places, green houses by setting temperature and humidity.


Head of Qazvin Science and Technology Park Yusuf Gorgy said that limitation of fossil fuels and oil resources and increase in energy consumption are reasons to use new and renewable energies in the country.


He said that 85 trillion kilowatts of solar energy reaches earth, while the world total consumption is 800,000 megawatts.