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Sewa Completes Strategic Water Reservoir Project in Sharjah

Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas Authority (Sewa) has announced the completion of a project to establish a strategic water reservoir with a capacity of 2 million gallons and to replace the old pumps with six modern distribution pumps in the city of Kalba.


The project aims to ensure the water supply in all regions, in line with Sewa's strategic plan and its future vision aimed at achieving a balanced approach between development and conservation of natural resources.


Commenting on this, Engineer Moza Al Zaabi, Director of the Kalba Department, confirmed that Sewa was working to cover the water needs to mitigate the risks of climate changes, whether in the near or distant future.


New strategic reservoir project in the city of Kalba will contribute to providing excellent services to all regions, in line with the future expansions and development projects in all areas of Kalba City, he added.


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