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Saudi Arabia to develop $213mn Water and Environmental Projects

The Saudi-based National Water Company (NWC) has unveiled plans to establish water and environmental projects worth more than SR800 million ($213 million) in the Asir region, located in the southeast of the country.


In a statement, NWC said that these ambitious water and sanitation projects will benefit over one million inhabitants of Asir, boosting the coverage of water services in the country in the face of a growing demand for water services, as well as improving the quality of water services provided and increasing the operational efficiency in water transmission and distribution.


The $213-million plan will also strengthen the water resources system, water and environmental services infrastructure.


The projects include the construction of a water purification plant on the Wadi Tindaha Dam, the implementation of a transmission line from the water purification plant in The Rona reservoirs and a plan to deliver treated water to Yalla (A) Park at Bisha Governorate.


The statement also said that it would consist of drinking water reservoirs in Abha city with a 300,000 m3 capacity and a new transmission line from the purification plant at Wadi Tabala Dam to the centres of Tabala and Al Thaniya with a total capacity of 5,300 m3, in addition to a distribution plant for drinking water tankers to deliver to more than 20,000 beneficiaries.


Furthermore, this week the NWC has started the operation of the Rabigh sewage treatment plant (STP) that is being built at an investment of SR110 million ($29.3 million) in Makkah region. The plant has a capacity of 15,000 m3 per day and will benefit over 75,000 residents in the area.


Finally, the company has also announced it has awarded an important contract for the development of a 65-km-long sewage network in the Al Halaqa Al Gharbiya and Qayyem districts within the Taif governorate.


A top official said that the business in charge of the project will construct the main lines, networks and link it to 4,100 households, thus catering to 78,000 residents in the area.


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