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Ready to Revive Oil Exports to India – Iran FM

Iran Deputy Foreign Minister Bagheri Kani has said that his country is willing to export oil to India and sees "no impediment" in that.


The minister was in Delhi for two days and held talks with External Affairs Minister Dr. S Jaishankar on 23 November. Speaking to our diplomatic correspondent Sidhant Sibal, Kani said, "we are ready to revive the same transactions that we have regarding the supply of energy sources, contribute to the energy security of India, to have an effective role in it."


He emphasized the usage of national currencies for trade, the Rupee-Rial for trade between the two countries. He also spoke on the protests in his country pointing to Iran being a "free society" that is suffering because of western sanctions. He said, "Today the Iranian economy, and infrastructure are impacted. These sanctions are illegal"


He spoke on the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict, and the Turkish strikes in Northern Syria among other issues.


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