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Sharjah Implements Five Strategic Water Projects

The Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (Sewa) has announced the implementation of five strategic development projects in the field of water transmission lines in bid to boost its capacity.


The project includes the extension of a water pipeline from the Hamdah area to the Al Badee area with a total length of 55,000 m, and the completion of a project to extend a pipeline from the industrial area of Al Sajaa Oasis to the Al Barashi area, running 9,000 m long.


Work is currently under way on the extension of the 2,473-m-long main pipeline from the central market area to King Faisal Street which is nearly 80 per cent completed.


The authority is also implementing a project for a 1,400-m-long pipeline in the Samnan area with a completion rate of 30 percent while work has started on implementing a line from Al Nahda to the industrial zone with a length of 5,200 m.


Chairman Engineer Rashid Al Leem said Sewa aims to support water transmission networks and raise the quantities of water flow, to meet the rapid growth of water in various regions of Sharjah.


He pointed out that the Authority’s strategy comprises integrated management of limited natural water resources, and unconventional water resources, which include desalinated water and the re-use of treated wastewater effectively, and focus on the topics of water demand management, and through work with all partners and quality control of water.


Sharjah's production has reached 110 million gallons per day, of which 90 million gallons cater to the capital city alone.


Sewa, he stated, continues its efforts to strengthen the water transmission and distribution networks in all regions of the emirate.


Director (Water Department) Engineer Issam Al Mulla said the new lines have been laid according to the best specifications, during which extensions made of insulated carbon steel were used to international standards which also suit health requirements.


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